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Wax Canvas Shop Apron | OLD GLORY Heritage | Made in USA Waxed Bib Apron. Sold


Professional Apron Series | Special Edition Color | One of a Kind

Our 'OLD GLORY' HERITAGE Waxed Canvas Shop Apron is designed with our same great Heritage styling and quality materials. Crafted in 15 oz. army duck for hardwearing work. This extra durable weight and rugged waxy surface makes this apron ideal for heavy duty tasks while working in wet conditions. Clean up is simple with a quick hose off & hang to dry.

- Made in USA limited edition textile: 15oz.
'Old Glory Red' Martexin Original Wax.
- Adjustable harness straps:
1" nylon mil spec webbing.
- Solid brass hardware.
- Thread: made in USA beaver brown
bonded twisted nylon.

Large: 30" W x 32.5" L
One size: 1 available fits waist 36”-44”
Please share your waist size when purchasing for detailed sizing.

Special edition | Only 1 available.
$269 | Includes Free Priority Shipping

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