Women’s Waist Apron | Indigo Herringbone 100% Cotton Handmade Waist Apron


Women’s Waist Apron | Indigo Woven Herringbone | One available

One of a kind fashion & function with a skirt-like appeal. This handmade waist apron series was a challenge to create something uniquely personal with feminine detailing while using some of our favorite end of the roll fabrics.


- One of a Kind. Made in USA.
- Fabric: Indigo woven herringbone 100% cotton.
- Double stitched throughout.
- 2 Main pockets.
- Ties: 1.25”w lightweight olive 100% cotton herringbone webbing.
- Thread: Made in USA bonded twisted nylon.
- Hardware: Nickel webbing ends.


29”w x 20” h
2 pockets: 7 h x 7.5” w

One of a Kind | One available | Made in USA
Orig: $79

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